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Asian music mp3 rotation

v3.0 Winter Reflections★ 彡☆ mp3 rotation
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J~melody is an Asian music mp3 rotation.
The mp3s posted here are for evaluation purposes only.
If you enjoy what you download there are many places you can buy these songs from online. ^___^

Updates are weekly and motivated on the basis that you leave a comment when you download.
Enjoy the music!~


★ J_melody Audioscrobbler

v3.0 Winter Reflections★ 彡☆ mp3 rotation ~ featuring 中島美嘉
Designed by candy_wings, December 5th 2004 -->


Can I make a request?
Yes! Leave it in your comment. =)
Usually, if something is requested it may be posted in the comments reply rather than as part of the update depending on how I feel.

Where do you get your music from?
People have often asked this especially since a lot of stuff is posted before it's commercial release date, but the simple fact is, anyone could get this stuff if they knew where to look!
My personal sources are Win MX (a lot of patience), bt and some random forums.

Utada Hikaru or Hikaru Utada?
Although this is well known, its worth mentioning that in Japanese tradition names are writen family name before first name. J~melody uses this custom, so all artist names are writen in such a way.


[2004 July 18th : J~melody opens! Spreading the love of J-music~]

[2004 September : Founder of J~melody moves away from home, with restricted internet access the rotation comes to a halt.]

[2004 October 3rd to present : J~melody's friend becomes the new uploader, paying the bills :P and maintaing the site with her favourite and latest J-music tunes until dear friend is back to update!~]

[2004 December 5th: Tenth and last full entry for dear friend, original J~melody is to return next week!~]

[2004 December 10th: Original founder of J~melody returnts to update! ^-^]

Past Layouts:

v1.0 ~My Name~ [July-Sept 2004]

v2.0 ~Come Fly With Me~ [Sept-Dec 2004]